How to control DC motor with L298N driver and Arduino

use L298N and motor driver module with this driver module you can run either 2 DC motors or a single

Hi Fox today I am going to show you how you can use L298N and motor driver module with this driver module you can run either 2 DC motors or a single stepper motor well in this video you will learn how to control 2 DC motors ok let me explain the connections of this module in this module you can see 2  connectors on either sides to connect 2 DC motors you can connect one motor on left connector and other motor on right connector here is the power supply parts for the module this module supports 6 watt to 35 volt but if you are using  more than 12 volt then don’t forget to remove the jumper because power passes  through the jumper to the 5 volt regulator which works on 6 to 12 volts This Video Show control DC motor with L298N

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that is why it is compulsory to remove the jumper if voltage is more than 12 and yes this is the 5 volt output you can use this output to power your Arduino board or any other microcontroller which is used to control speed and
direction of the motors these two jumpers are used to enable motors if you
are using stepper motor or don’t want to control speed of DC motor then keep these jumpers if you want to control the speed of DC motors then remove it and connect with PWM output of microcontroller in between of these two jumpers there are four things to control direction of DC motors for example when pin one is high motor able rotate clockwise and then when – is high motor will rotate counter clockwise similarly pen 3 and pin 4 work for motor B now I’m going to and power supply to demonstrating how these four pins
control direction and after this I will connect this module with our do you know to control the speed and direction with microcontroller I’m going to connect motor a with left connector and motor B with the right connector motors are connected now connect power supply I’m using 7.4 volt lipo battery to power this module and run the motors connect the positive wire with positive connector and negative to the ground okay before connecting with module to the are due now let’s test it manually connect the jumper wire with 5 volt output ok now I’m going to high input 1 by giving 5 volt on the spin see motor is started to run then input 2 is high water is running in
different direction you can see the same thing happening to motor B when input 3 and input 4 is high okay let’s connect try module with the Arduino we will also control the speed of motors with the odd-even so remove
the jumpers to connect enable pin with PWM output of the Arduino connect input 1 and input 2 pins to digital pin 6 and 7 of the Arduino and input 3 and 4 to pen 8 and 9 now connect the enable a to pin file and enable way to Penton all connections are done now upload the code into the Arda know you can get the code from circuit Metacom i will leave a link in the description open your Arduino ide and paste the code don’t forget to select the right board and port from the tools menu our Darrin’s taking power from the USB cable which is connected with the computer and module is connected with the battery whenever you use to power supply you
have to make sure ground should be common for both so let me connect our Dino ground pin with module ground connector now see motors are running counterclockwise clockwise and slowly speed up and down hope you liked this video I request you to subscribe our channel and press the notification down and don’t forget to like and comment thanks see you soon
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